Chandigarh, India

Muskvinda Technosages Pvt. Ltd. (MVTS)

Building Robots for the present & future! & Implementing RPA services across different sectors!


Humanoid Robots

Isn't that we all want to work with ease, at lower development cost, and at the same time want to ensure top-quality in end-products and business solutions?

At MVTS, we design bots using RPA tools and Robots (precise Robotic machines) using sensors & actuators - as technology solutions for the most complicated or monotonous, hazardous areas of your businesses - not only to help you save millions in production cost, but also to prosper accuracy, quality in your end products.

Motion Control in Robotics

Autonomous Robots - Precisely controlled Racing Robots

We design Automated guided vehicles, having the ability to create a map of its surrounding environment, having the ability to navigate and localize itself to further control its orientation and motion. Motion control is a sub-field of automation, encompassing the systems or sub-systems involved in moving parts of machines in a controlled manner.
Such Robotic manipulators works awesomely well for our clients into packaging, printing, textile, semiconductor production, & assembly industries.

Drone Technology

Dronical Robots

Where Drone technology is constantly evolving since its inception, drones have been making life convenient by providing reachability options for businesses where wheeled vehicles could never made it possible. At MVTS, as pioneers our continuous researches has been leading us to accommodate such diverse requirements of our clients to equip them with long term business solutions so that the business becomes as hassle-free as ever.

Windows Android App

Android / I/OS Builtin Apps as Controls

We support our powerful Robots with Android, I/OS, Windows secured, easy to use mobile apps to allow businesses with a convenient control for Robots. These applications make life more comfortable and advanced for the users.  Our platform incorporates machines that have direct interfaces with such easy to use Android, i/OS, and web based applications. The apps comes with builtin options to allow users to securely connect with organizations standard online forms, content management systems.

With continuous researches we are not only designing Robots to perform required operations, but are also teaching them to self-balance, to produce alerts and warnings when needed.
In addition to our Robotic products, at MVTS we provide services to automate business processes - by implementing bots using Robotic Process Automations (RPA) for larger corporates and organizations.